Without Assessing You’re Guessing

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When I first started my career as a nutritionist, I had a very ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to advising clients, which didn’t give the great results I get with clients now. This is because now, I know that ‘without assessing you’re guessing’.

So how does this effect your life?

Whether you are working with a coach, nutritionist, designer or any other consultant, if they aren’t offering some level of assessment before they start working with you, they are going to be guessing  what will work best for you.


Check out my video below to find out how this can be effecting your life.




I hope you find the video useful and I’d love to hear your view in the comments below.

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  1. Dionne Henry

    I am a psychiatric social worker who became a clinical aromatherapist in my early 40’s and an Advanced Clinical massage therapist. Now that I am in my 50 something or another – tee hee. To say this that I always enjoy receiving your email and checking out your posts Leah – always illuminating and keeping it REAL.
    Love it like a smoothie ( one of yours of course).

    D x

  2. Leah Salmon

    Greetings Dionne, thanks for the lovely message, your journey and work sounds very interesting, I’d like to check out your site and find out more. Please let me know if there are subjects you’d like me to create content on which would help you, much love sis

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