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Will The Sugar Tax Work?

The sugar tax was introduced on 6th April 2018 in the UK. The tax has been created to encouraged manufacturers to reduce the sugar content of their beverages and make high sugar drink less affordable to the consumer.

This seems like a smart move by the government, as part of their anti-obesity campaign to tackle the rising levels of obesity which is beginning to over burden the NHS.


But my question is, will making sugary drinks more expensive encourage us to make healthier food choices?

The sugar tax has  great potential to persuade manufacturers to reduce the levels of sugar in their products and some companies have taken this on board. The popular soft drink Fanta has had it’s sugar content reduced by 30%.

But is that enough to make a far reaching impact on our sugar consumption?

In this video, i go into more detail on the sugar tax and share some of the major concerns with the tax’s effectiveness.

Will The Sugar Tax Work?


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