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(Video) Organic Super Blends & Love Raw Bar Review

I had the pleasure of trying out 2 great products that I’m happy to share with you, which are’s Alkaline Greens Powder and’s Coconut & Chia and Cocoa & Maca bars, here’s what I thought of them.

Here are my main thought on the Alkaline Green Powder


Mild Taste

We drink smoothies almost every day and I’m always happy to add a nutrient booster to it, so these powder was very convenient, as it’s mild taste meant that the children and I didn’t notice it was there very much at all so they drank it as if it were their normal green smoothie.


Cost effective

Some green powder mixes are quite costly, even ones which aren’t organic, but this pack which lasted us about 4-5 weeks using it a few times a week and was just £19, which won’t break the bank. I know you can get some for less, but you can also find some that cost almost twice this.



They actually have another product called Energise ( see here ) but i did feel more energised after drinking these smoothies and I noticed that green powders do tend to keep my children satisfied longer than if I make a smoothie without them.



With no sign of fillers or bulkers or preservatives, the ingredients are simple and nutritious, I know it takes a lot to keep ingredients this simple and organic without having very high prices, so well done.



Our thoughts on the Love Raw Bars

Cacao Maca  and Coconut Chia Bars

I think I over did it with these bars when i first got into raw foods, so i’ve become very particular about them. My children are connoisseurs of raw bars too and we both gave a thumbs up to them. Again, the ingredients are simple but nutritious, they are sugar, dairy, gluten and wheat  , they aren’t too sweet and again quite filling.

Hubby and I preferred the Coconut Chia (hubby generally doesn’t like chocolate) and the children preferred the Cacao Maca.

Even though I preferred the Coconut one, the Cacao did have a wonderfully rich wholesome maca taste which distinguished it from most other chocolately raw bars.


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