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The One Take Myth That’s Ruining Your Life – NYR #3

“Hi and welcome to another episode of Naturally You Radio helping you create a nourished life. I’m your host Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach and today I want to share with you a myth that I want to crush that’s holding a lot of us back from being as crazy, sexy and cool as we all should be quite frankly in all areas of our lives. I am an 80’s baby TLC song titles still resonate with me. Hi five to all the 80’s baby out there!” Read & listen to the whole show below





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Episode 3 Full Transcript

0:03 Welcome to naturally you radio with your host Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach. Leah is the bestselling author of six books, homeschooling mother of seven, natural health wellbeing coach and speaker who wants to help you create a life that nourishes and fulfils you on all levels, with advice on naturally healthy living, home schooling, family, relationships and personal development, here is your host Leah Salmon.


0:30 Hi and welcome to another episode of Naturally You Radio helping you create a nourished life. I’m your host Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach and today I want to share with you a myth that I want to crush that’s holding a lot of us back from being as crazy, sexy and cool as we all should be quite frankly in all areas of our lives. I am an 80’s baby TLC song titles still resonate with me. Hi five to all the 80’s baby out there.


1:01 Now I was listening to an interview with one of my role models in a world of fitness and nutrition coach Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness. And for once he was actually being interviewed instead of being the interviewer, which is amazing. As he is actually famous for interviewing health fitness and personal development experts. And he was basically saying in one point during the interview. It was an interview I found on sound cloud. I will put the link to it down below, in fact it’s one of the interviews that I’ve liked on my sound cloud’s page. You can go and check it out there. But I’ll put the link to it underneath here so you can listen to it as well, because it was really good.


1:40 So basically after doing what he has been doing for seven years, and becoming number one in his field, he said something that really resonated with me so much that I really wanted to share it with you all.


There is a One Take Myth that is crushing probably 50% of every move you make to achieve your goals. Your health goals, business goals, family and children goals, relationship goals, spirituality goals, whatever it is.


And that myth is: “If I try this more than once and it doesn’t work, sod it!!!”


I swear to goodness, it may be once or twice or three times, some people have it in their head that everything has to happen in one take. You know the Clapper boards in the movies, everything has to happen in one take or two or three. Any more than that forget it. Sean Croxton was talking about; he has been doing what he has done like seven years he was a personal developer, a personal trainer. Then he started interviewing people on health, nutrition, and he holds a lot of Summit on different areas of natural health and nutrition and diet and all those types of things. So he was shooting a promo video which is probably done 100 times before for an even he was doing. And he was talking about the fact thast, he was doing take after after take, after take, after take to record this one video. And he has been doing for years, he is a professional interviewer.


3:10 `You know interviewer, he does video all the time. His videos are getting like millions of views, they probably still are in fact. Like I said he’s got the number 1 iTunes health and personal development fitness podcast. So he` is a professional at this. But he was quite happy to tell everyone that to shoot this video, it took take after take after take. I’ve been speaking publicly, I’ve been doing public speaking for nearly 18 years which makes me feel quite old. But my recordings, my videos, my articles, the books that I write, take many takes to get them right.


Some people get things on one take, first take, perfect. Some of you may be listening to me like I don’t know what you are talking about. I get everything right the first time, which is great. However that may not necessarily be true for every endeavour in your life, but because you are use to getting things right first time in some areas of your life. For the areas you have at some point struggles with, or you at some point had to attempt to do something or attempt to achieve somethings many times. For those particular things, those particular aims, you may not be bothered with those things anymore, because you didn’t get them right the first time. You may just think, oh that is not just for me.. Oh that was just something that just wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. Or it wasn’t as important as I thought it was.


4:43 I tried it a couple of times and it didn’t work. So now you have resigned that to not being as important where as before, when you start doing it, it was` important, but because it took too long for you to get it right. You decided that that was not important and that is the killer. Some people are missing out on opportunities, and I understand that not every opportunity is for us. I thoroughly appreciate that, but some of those opportunities were so in alignment with your goals and your visions, and your aspirations. But you let them go because you had to try in your opinion too hard or too may times to get it right. My bestselling book Leah’s Raw Food Feast is on its fourth revision and it hasn’t even been out for more than six years. Fourth revision, because the first time I did it, I was happy at it, then I looked over it again and I was like, no I’m going to change that. I want to improve this over again. Next time I was like yeah, but I want to add some more recipes. I want to tweak it a bit. Now I’m adding 24 more recipes, the whole thing is going to be in colour, And I’m tweaking all the text in it. And it goes beyond like typos and grammars and stuff like that. I just was not happy with the first take. And I will keep on revising my books until I’m as happy with them as possible.


6:00 Some people will literally write a book, put` it on Amazon, do nothing with it, when it doesn’t sell, and it’s not changing people’s lives in the way that they want it to, they just resign it to, oh maybe it wasn’t a great book or `maybe everyone is silly because they are not buying it. Maybe it was because you need to do more with it. Most things in life don’t happen with one take. Like I said` I’ve been doing public speaking for 18 years, I stil practice my talks in my mind and out loud after 18 years of doing this stuff. Some of the best You tubers out there, people Renae Christine from Rich Mom business, Marie Forleo just to name two of them. They have great You Tube followings, they’ve got loads of subscribers. Their videos are great, they have blooper reels they are proud of. Marie Forleo starts her videos showing some of the blooper reels. Renae Christine used to put the bloopers…7:00 at the end of the video and it wasn’t necessarily because they are funny, they want to show you the reality that goes behind the finished product.


7:09 I remember listening to Tony Robins once, and he was talking about the fact that, like if a child runs into a room and they are skipping and they are doing a dance and they fall over, they just get back up. And they keep going. When an adult on the other hand does that, they fall over, it’s normally like a catastrophe when someone like my age falls over, because we are not use to falling over. You get up, you brush yourself off, you’ll look around to see if anyone saw you, fail at that thing, fall over and trip and fall at that thing. And then you be like I ain’t doing that again. The difference between children and us is that they don’t have so many preconceived ideas and so many judgments and so many mental nonsense that we have going on, so they will just keep on going at things until they get them. Everyone can walk, and that’s because as a baby you didn’t care how many times you fell over. You got up and you took another take at it. It didn’t matter how many times you fell off your bike, you just kept on getting back on it and going forth until you did it. Most of us can write, most of us can read. We kept at the process of doing it, and we respected the process of doing it; and sometimes we didn’t even respect it. We just knew what the end goal was, we wanted to achieve, so we kept going until we did that.
8:28 A lot of us have lost that childlike enthusiasm for learning and growing and pursuing a process, don’t quit just after a few goes. Many of you have maybe seen this meme 3 feet from gold, you see two guys in a tunnel, in two different tunnel, you see one guy in a tunnel and there is a pile of gold that we can see. But from his perspective he’s dug this really, really long tunnel, and he’s just got this one small piece of dirt to knock through with his hammer, but you see him turning away and walking away. So what we can see from a side view is that he is three feet away from gold. If he had just kept going one more time, he would have struck and got to what it was he was trying to get to. Trust and learn from the process. It does lead to the results, but you do have to stick to and trust the process. I trust the process, I’ve learned that it might take me one take or 15 takes, but I will eventually achieve what it is that I want to achieve. You only fail when you give up. That’s the only time you are going to fail at something. Not because you’ve taken 5 takes or 10 takes or you’ve tried something 100 times. That’s not when you fail, it’s when you give up.


9:41 How many pictures do photographers take when they are doing a photo shoot? About 200 hundred pictures, and sometimes only three of those are used. Sports photographers, you go to a tennis game, or maybe a basket ball game or a football match or something like that. Those guys sports photographers are taking hundreds of pictures, just for one picture that is going to end up at the front or the back cover. How many songs do you think Naz or JayZ, or Bob Marley or Luther Vandross or Neo or Anita Baker wrote or sang before they became famous and got a hit record. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah, all flopped a few times but they didn’t stop they kept going. The road to success; I think many of us feel the road to success is a straight line. It’s not a straight line. There are pit stops, there are hurdles, there are landmines, there are gullies when you come against one, learn from it and keep going.


10:38 We often see the show reel of people’s lives. You` know like when someone wants to audition to be in a movie or to be in a TV program. They got a show reel, shows all the best snippets of all the other shows that they have been in. All their best work is on show in that show reel. And we often see the show reel of famous or successful people’s lives and we compare ourselves to someone’s show reel; their finished products. But they had out takes too, the stuff that ended on the cutting room floor. The stuff that kept on going wrong, their bloopers that you don’t get to see are often what your life looks like when you are feeling things aren’t working. But they are so integral to the process. Cherish all those times things didn’t work. Keep them as fond memories of the strength you had to keep going. So when you finally crack it after the third or fifth or twentieth take, you can see those things for what they are, which was a part of the process. And maybe even lessens impatience and perseverance which hardly any of us have anymore. And I’m not talking about flogging a dead horse here. Change the sail if things are not working. Change things if you need to, just don’t quit after just a few takes.


12:03 So for example, you seek an expert’s advice on achieving something. They clearly lay out a 10 step plan for you. You are excited to get started, you’ve got your goal in mind, you get started. You take the first four steps that they’ve laid out very clearly for you. It becomes uncomfortable inconvenient in some way and then you quit. Or you maybe get to take six steps, you make really good progress, you see changes in yourself, others see changes in you. Other people who are close to you see those changes and get scared that you are changing too much, and you are leaving them behind. So they discourage you or make you feel bad about changing,and then you quit. Or you take eight steps, you are so close, you take 8 steps and there are 10 points laid out perfectly plan, then your ego kicks in and says, oh you’ve come this far, you’ve done really well, you don’t need to follow the last two steps. You can figure out the rest alone. Or you know a better way of finishing it off. Even though you went to the advice from an expert who has been there,


done that made all the mistakes, and none knows how to show you how to do it without making all the mistakes that you maybe have made.


13:24 But by not following the expert’s advice or the clearly laid out plan, you screw something up and things stopped going so well. You get discouraged and quit. Or you get all the way to step 9, you’re 3 feet from gold, but you still haven’t seen the results you want after what you considered a really long time. So you drop your shovel like the little man in the main and you walk away. My advice to you, stick with it.  Through my different businesses I’ve had about five different businesses by the way, through my diet changes and fitness regimes, through my experiences as a parent of seven> My home schooling fo rthe last 8 years, being a wife for the last 11 years, being a human being for 34 years, my advice to you, just do not quit. Be a proud owner of a clappable; those clappables, take one, take two, those clappables you see on the film sets. Be a proud owner of one of those bad boys. When the beep hits the fan and things fall apart, you shout, take two. You dust off the glad rags and you start again, or you start in a different way, or from a different angle with a different person or from a different vantage point or with a different energy. Or with more gusto or with a more positive attitude. Whatever you do just start again. I have have a moment where my head is in my hands and I’m declaring I just can’t do this anymore. At least once a week, but I have a very big why that keeps me going. I have 9 why’s, 9 reasons why, I’ve got 6 children in this house. I’ve got a husband, I’ve got a mission on this planet to share my gifts, and I’ve got my mission to find health happiness, and joy for myself so that I can inspire others to do the same.


15:25 I don’t really have time to quit because there is too much to do. One very important thing to do; again another important advice for you, another really important thing you need to do is, find a place to think. When things get crazy, find time to release the frustration or the anger, or the annoyance or the disappointment or whatever is bringing you down, and plan for joy; plan what you need to do to bring joy and peace and calm back into your life. So that you can get back on track. Then pick up your clapper board and shout, take two baby, I’m back. Say it in an accent as well. I am back, I will be back like terminator. So now it’s your turn. Have you started a diet? Realized that you missed your old foods and stopped before you reached your, or before you break your cravings or you’ve stopped it before you managed to lower your blood sugar levels to control you diabetes. Or you managed to reduce your cholesterol levels or you managed to heal your skin condition. Did you stop before you improved your digestion or your circulation or your arthritis or you lost or even gained weight? Now is time to take two.


16:47 Have you started a fitness regime and you bought all the gear but you got bored with the exercises, you found them too hard, then you stopped before you lost your bingo wings, or your love handles. Or you bugged up or you turned down, or you strengthen your weak back muscles that is causing back pain, or loosen your tight neck muscles that were giving you neck pain. Now is time to take two. Have you got everything ready to start your business? Then kept putting it off, or getting cold feet or becoming self-conscious about putting yourself out there and worrying that people may not like your stuff, so you stopped before you made your first sale, before you got your first client, before you sent your first easing, before you released your first book, before you became the bestselling author on Amazon, or coached your first client. Or rented your office space or hired your first employee, or held your first big event or made your first million or saved your first life. Think about that, you may not realize it but by you stopping yourself from starting your business and sharing your products and services over the world, you could have stopped yourself from turning someone’s life around with what it is that you do, whether you are a business coach or you crochet hats. You doing what you do could have touched someone’s life so profoundly, that you literally saved their life. Did you stop yourself before you did all of that?


18:18 Now it’s time to take two. Have you promised to spend time with your loved ones, your wife, your children, your husband, your parents? Did you make all the plans and promises about doing it, then something seemingly more important came up and you parked the plan before you got to spend that quality time with them and creating some memories with them, and showing love to them. It isn’t just children that spell love time, now it’s time to take two. Don’t quit, don’t give up, if your reason for doing something is strong enough, keep at it until you achieve it. Thanks for listening to another episode of naturally you radio. If you like this show that I really hope you did, please like, share and follow the show or leave a comment below. You can find me over at the

I look forward to hearing from you soon, have a great day

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