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I Am A Gift, I Can Change The World – A Documentary

28 months ago (yep 2 years and 4 months), I held the 2nd Naturally You Day in Deptford Lounge, South East London and it was great!!!

Since then, time, technology, logistics and finances have stopped me from seeing any of the footage from the day, until a few days ago, when the creative genius that is Christopher Icha from JetBlakInc emailed me a link to this beautifully edited documentary of the day.

All the footage from the day will be available for you all to enjoy soon, as the talks we’re all highly rated & reviewed by the guests, so I want you all to benefit from them too.

But for now, you can relive this beautiful day below.

By the way….

It took everything I had not to burst into tears during my talk, it was very emotional to share that message as I know how powerful it can be to realise, that wherever you’ve come from & whoever you are, you have the power to change your whole life and the lives of others.

The audience was so super supportive and gave me the courage to finish the talk without flooding the room with tears, so if you were there on the day, from the heart, I thank you.

Enjoy & please share family…



If you need a professional team to film your special day, contact Christopher at , I highly recommend his team and their work.


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Look out for the 3rd Naturally You Day coming summer 2017!!!


For more pictures from the day and testimonials, you can visit The Naturally You Day website here.


Take care and stay healthy


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