How to boost your immunity naturally (Video)

Greetings family!!!

Immunity, and keeping it well functioning is a hot topic now as we are in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

In today’s video, i’ll be explaining exactly what it means to boost your immune system naturally.

I’ll be covering 4 main points with practical advice you can take straight away to stay protected, internally and externally at this time.  (more…)

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Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup Recipe

It’s been  few weeks we’ve had in the Salmon house!!!

Since the beginning of November, every member of our house has been hit with some level of coughing, cold and ear aches. Some for a few days and others  for literally weeks.

My immunity is probably the highest in the house and I even got sick for 3 days (after boasting that I never get anything and I’d be fine).

We only ever use natural remedies and there are some great recipe you can make to reduce the length and severity of a cold when it arrives, but what I haven’t been focusing enough on recently is prevention.

The whole food diet we eat is a means of prevention in and of itself, but I feel that moving to a new home, new area, being around lots of new people and children and going to so many events and activities since we’ve been here has probably caught up with us (not to mention the everyday challenges of parental and business stress hubby and I are faced with).

So to maintain and protect us over the weekend, I’ll be whipping up a few batches of this amazing immune boosting syrup.


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Boost Your Immunity In 5 Steps

We’re always looking for new, more convenient, better, faster ways of being more healthy.

We keep hoping that someone, somewhere, will come up with that magic wand which, at the press of a button or the popping of a pill, will boost our immune system and keep us happy and healthy to the end of our (preferably very long) life!

But the fact is, that in hundreds (if not thousands) of years, we haven’t really discovered anything fundamentally new. The same old, simple principles apply. We just seem to forget or avoid them in our science and consumer driven, “fix me now… and do it quickly” world.

What we’ve known for centuries still holds true, and if you want to have a great immune system and stay strong and healthy throughout your life, there are some simple principles to live by that will give you a great chance of doing just that.


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