3 Tips To Naturally Relieve Dry Scalp (Video)

Dry scalp and other scalp and hair conditions effect so many black women worldwide. I personally feel that this is, at least in part, due to sisters using so many product on our hair that weren’t designed for our hair and are even dangerous for the women they were designed for.

I remember walking past women whose long flowing blond hair would smell of flowers and rush to the supermarket to get the most floral looking shampoo I could find. The box made it clear it wasn’t for my hair type, or even my hair colour at times, but as a 15yr old black girl in the 90’s, the supermarket shelves didn’t have anyone looking like me on anything but perm kits, so I was used to it. I’d use it and have wonderfully smelling hair, but how good was it for either of our scalps’ to use those chemical cocktails on our hair?


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