Spelt Veggie Burger Recipe

As you may know, I spent my teenage years as what I call a ‘Junk Food Vegetarian” who lived on a low fat, high junk food diet, filled with tons of SOYA.


I wasn’t a big fan of cooking at the time either so I got by on a lot of frozen foods that I could just heat in the microwave including soya pies, sausages and veggie burgers, all of which I loved.


Even though I’m not vegetarian or vegan all the time, since removing most soya from my diet, I found it really had to find vegetarian burgers to replace my old favourites that 1) didn’t contain soya and 2) tasted half decent. If I was thinking about feeding them to my children, they’d also need to be wheat free, which was another hurdle as most of them use wheat flour as a binder.


I also have 7 hungry mouths to feed so even when I did find vegan or vegetarian burgers that fit the bill, it would cost nearly £8 for us all to get 1 ½ each.


So off to the kitchen I went!


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