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Sistas tears should be a pitstop not a parking space

Greetings lovelies!!!

I’m friends with so many brave and beautiful sister’s who have been sharing the stories of their mental health challenges over the past few weeks.

We’re in a great and powerful time where we can use platforms like social media to freely share our experiences, so others don’t feel so alone and they can see examples of people who’ve been in a low place and risen.

Today I wanted to share some advice that can help shift our perception of healing from mental health and life challenges.

I’m talking about crying and why I feel it have a necessary role in our life, but also when to know when more help is needed.

Watch now and enjoy!

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About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, live blood analyst and life coach, focused on womb & pregnancy health and premature birth prevention & on a mission to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony by 2020 or what she calls Becoming Naturally You. She does this through her clinic, books, programs, coaching, events, workshops, videos, articles and a free weekly ezine.

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