Raw Vegan Apple Crumble Recipe


Apart from my brother, i don’t know many people who don’t have a bit of a soft spot of apple crumble.

Even if it’s not everyones favourite dessert, few people I know would turn down a warm bowl of spiced syrupy appley love.

Again, apart from my brother, but he doesn’t like potatoes, yoghurt or lentils so you can’t really trust his tastebuds.

Anyway, back to my adoration for apple crumble…

The trouble is, just like many of my childhood favourites, in it’s original form, it’s full of white flour in the crumble, butter made from cows milk which is also in the crumble and white and brown sugar all the way through it, So If you’re on a journey to eat for health, sugar wheat and dairy are best left off the menu for the most part.

When i work with clients, my methodology is that unless you have a serious chronic allergy to a certain food, eating it once a month isn’t the end of the world but much more than that while your healing your body with food can slow down progress and make any progress you make harder.

But I also want you to enjoy the food your eating not just because it’s doing your body good, but also because it looks and tastes awesome. Which is why I have a whole section for dessert recipes in my book Leah’s Raw Food Feast, which is where the recipe below is taken from.

This raw vegan Apple Crumble and cream can be enjoyed twice a week  or more as it’s mainly made from nuts and apples, with no processed sugar, wheat or dairy in site.

Even though it’s raw vegan, you can still warm it slightly in you have a dehydrator or put it at the bottom of your oven on the lowest temperature for 2-3 minutes before eating it, but definitely not a microwave.

You can add more or less crumble or apple depending on your taste. You may want to grind down the nut more finely or leave them much more chunky or use more or less apple sauce or a more saucy or fresher juicer texture.

You can really make this recipe your own, make big batches to share wth friends and family or even treat your children to it as a fun breakfast on the weekend that they get to help make. How ever you make and eat your apple crumble recipe, enjoy 🙂 It’s such a great substitute for the cooked version with very similar flavours for you indulge in.

We have an apple tree in our garden which is actually bearing some lovely big apples, which our eldest took the picture above from. in the next few weeks, i look forward to make a batch of this from our very own organic home grown, local and seasonal apples 🙂 


Raw Vegan Apple Crumble Recipe 



You’ll need:

8 apples (Braeburn, Gala and Jazz work well)            

4 tbsps of maple syrup or honey

½- 3/4 cup of almonds  

1tbsp coconut oil

½ – 3/4 cup of walnuts soaked for 2hrs, drained, soaked for another 2hrs then dehydrated for 5hrs or overnight until dry – you can used unsoaked and dried ones                       

¼ cup of dates

¼ tsp salt (optional)                                                                              

¼ tsp of mixed spice x 2

2 tbsp of lime juice


You’ll need to: Wash peel, core and dice 5 apples and put into a pie dish or serving bowl. Wash peel, core and chop up the other 3 apples and blend with ¼ tsp of mixed spice, lime juice and 2tbsp of honey or maple syrup to make an apple sauce. Pour the apple sauce onto the chopped apple and stir thoroughly.

To make the crumble, put the almonds, walnuts, salt, dates, ¼ tsp mixed spice and coconut oil into a food processor and process until a crumble mixture is formed. Then simply sprinkle the crumble over the apples and enjoy.


Leah’s Note: You can serve this with the sweet macadamia cream recipe also found in Leah’s Raw Food Feast

For this recipe plus over 100 more, order or download your copy of my book Leah’s Raw Food Feast now!!!



Much love, Take care and stay healthy

Take care and stay healthy


The Naturally You Coach

About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, live blood analyst and life coach, focused on womb & pregnancy health and premature birth prevention & on a mission to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony by 2020 or what she calls Becoming Naturally You. She does this through her clinic, books, programs, coaching, events, workshops, videos, articles and a free weekly ezine.

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