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"Just had to log onto fb via the laptop to shout you out while I listen via my fb app on the phone. I've had the pleasure of knowing of you for many many years now but I look forward to having the pleasure of building and learning more from you also. I absolutely love you. This NYR4 broadcast is IT!!! You seem so beautifully human to me now lol. I've literally taken what we have for granted, I'm so sorry. Forgive me lol. I've never ever underestimated your power and your beauty in and out but I don't shout you out enough. I don't turn to you enough as a sistar that whole heartedly understands what we go through. Shout out to you sis. You are incredible. Thank you. A true inspiration. xx"
Shalomi Guthrie
Cake Artist, London
"Greetings. Just wanted to say that natural health podcast had me feeling excited about my journey with Natural health remedies. I’m so tired of visiting GP’s to be told the same inconclusive results. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Will be passing this onto friends"
"What a wicked show Leah Salmon. You always have the best tips and I constantly learn something new from you every time. You are an incredible super woman and wise beyond your years. Thank you for always giving xx"
Dionne Ible
Mosaic Artist, Bedfordshire

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Clinic Q&A – How Can Apples Help My Liver?

Clinic Q&A – Should I Have Surgery?

Clinic Q&A – Should I Take Supplements?

Episode 31 – Benefits Of Vitamin C Powder

Episode 30 – 7 Steps To Self Care During CO-Vid19

Episode 29 – 5 Benefits Of Journalling

Episode 28 – Is B12 Deficiency In Vegans A Myth?

Episode 27 – 10 Things To Try When You Think You’ve Tried Everything

Episode 26 – How I Recovered From Metrorrhagia Naturally

Episode 25 – Leah’s Life Update

Episode 24 – Why I soak our nuts, seeds, beans and grains

Episode 23 – Natural Skin & Hair Care For Black Women with Sherilyn Dos Santos

Episode 22 – How To Safely Use Aromatherapy In Pregnancy With Charmaine Heket Murray

Episode 21 – Self Love & Purpose Thorough Self Enquiry With Angela Mills

Episode 20 – 12 Ways To Naturally Increase Breastmilk Production 

Episode 19 – 5 Tips To Reduce Heavy, Long, Painful Periods Naturally

Episode 18 “Healthy Eating Tips For Busy Mums with a difference”

Episode 17 “Is Agave a safe natural alternative to sugar?

Episode 16 – Can Diet Disable Depression?

Episode 15 – From Hole To Wholeness With Avalaura 

Episode 14 – 7 Wonders Of Our Womb

Episode 13  – Finding Mummy Me Time In A Busy Home

Episode 12 – 5 Life Changing Quotes From Life Changing Women

Episode 11 – Natural Ways To Nourish Your Hair From The Inside Out

Episode 10 – How To Naturally Boost Your Iron – Even When You’re Pregnant

Episode 9 – 19 Fun Interesting & Educational Things To Do With Children

Episode 8 – 10 Myths About Homeschooling

Episode 7 – 12 Reasons We Decided To Homeschool

Episode 6 – How To Have A Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

Episode 5 – Why your vegan diet could be making you sick?

Episode 4 – How To Balance Your Family, Life & Business Without Going Crazy 

Episode 3 – The One Take Myth That’s Ruining Your Life

Episode 2 – Healing Our Nation Through Art & Culture- An interview with Oneness Sankara

Episode 1 – Can Your Food Heal You?

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"Very simple information. Things seems difficult or hard, until it is put in a simple form. Thank you. Leah. Awaiting the 2nd Episode"
"You had me chuckling and note taking! Thank you for sharing your wisdom Leah Salmon xxx"
"Great podcast!  Thank you for an informative session"