Special Offer On Full Pay & Instalments Until 31st Jan 2020

Your Naturally You Coach – Leah Salmon


If you are genuinely looking for a complete life overhaul and want to spend a full action filled, progress focused day working on project you, then this is the day for you.

During the day, we’d meet for 6 full hours, to work in-depth on the following areas of your life, creating deep and detailed action plans to create transformational change in each area:

  • Mind & Beliefs – We’ll look extensively at any limiting mindset, negative beliefs, self doubt and sabotage you may have and how to dissolve them, as well as creating an abundant mindset ready to cultivate success
  • Diet & Health – You’ll discover your specific requirement for nutrients with an Advanced Metabolic Typing assessment, we’ll put together a weekly meal plan and I’ll show you how to fine tune your diet weekly until it’s just right for you. We’ll also touch on supplements, detoxing, water intake, food preparation and more
  • Career & Finances – If you’re not happy in your work and with your finances, it can be challenging to progress in other areas of your life, so we’ll discover how you can become clear on your career and it’s development and how to create stable abundant finances in your life.
  • Love & Relationships – At the end of our lives, this is what’s gong to be most important to us, yet we don’t always give our relationships nourishment they deserve. So here, we’ll examine your closet relationships, those you want to attract and those you need to end for your growth.
  • Spiritual & Creativity – This is another area that is so under-appreciated yet so important to your life. No matter what religion or way of life you follow, the aim is to create a deeper connection with the non physical and nurture it.


This VIP day comes with the following:

  • 6 hours of breakthrough coaching covering the whole you
  • A life-planning manual, inc action sheets, planners, journaling pages & more
  • A surprise filled gift bag plus lunch & drinks
  • 2 weekly 15min follow up progression calls
  • An Holistic Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis Session (In Birmingham clinic or reduced to £40 in the London clinic)
  • Unlimited email and text support for 4 weeks following the day


Times – 9am – 4pm

Venue – A hotel in Birmingham or London

Days – Friday, Saturday or Sunday



Full Pay (Best Value)          £649 – Discounted to £549 until 31st Jan 2020

Instalment Plan                   £349 x 2 payments due before the day – Discounted to £300 x 2 payments until 31st Jan 2020

Day can be booked:             Anytime

To get started, email me at leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page with “I’m ready breakthrough day” in the subject line and I’ll be in touch asap.




To get started email me at leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page with the title of this program saying “I’m ready VIP Day” and I’ll be in touch asap.


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