This completely comprehensive 12 week life changing program, includes 5 powerful steps which are:


Step 1 – Discovery & FoundationInitial consultation, self-checks & mind setting. – (2 week)


Step 2 – Eat For HealthUse your foods to boost your health and discover the balance of nutrients that work best for your specific body type using advanced Metabolic Typing. We’ll also create meal plans and have weekly fine tuning and diet evaluation. (3 weeks)


Step 3 – Think for happinessCreate a mindset, which promotes positive growth and diminishes negative self talks and self sabotage, with focused health and life goal planning, affirmations, vision boards & rituals. (3 Weeks)


Step 4 – Live in harmonyDuring this time we’ll review and enhance all areas of your life to make them as holistic as possible to match your health and life goals. You’ll also complete a supported 21 day detox, which includes raw foods, liquid fasting and enemas to flush and cleanse your digestive system, to enhance all other areas of your health. (3 weeks)


Step 5 – Naturally You Life PlanningThis week, we’ll be putting everything you’ve been though into a powerful action plan you can use to continue with the progress you’ve made during the program. (1 week)


This program includes:

  • A free signed copy of any of my books
  • PDF plans, checklist, cheat sheets, recipes & tools needed
  • 10% off anything in The Naturally You Health Store during the program
  • 2 x Holistic Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis Taster Sessions at the beginning & end of the program (included in Birmingham Clinic or discounted to £40 each in London Clinic)
  • & Weekly 30min support calls


The program will be carried out over 12 weekly phone calls & follow up emails (apart from the Live Blood Analysis sessions, which will be in my Birmingham or London clinic) and come with unlimited email and text/WhatsApp support, so you have a complete blanket of support throughout.



Full Pay (Best Value)          £799 (save £98) 

Instalment Plan                   £299 a month for 3 months 

Program can be started       January, April, July or October


To get started, email me at with “I’m ready holistic elevation program” in the subject line and I’ll be in touch asap.

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