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She Inspires Me: 20 Inspirational Black Women In The UK #IWD2020

Greetings lovelies,

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Happy International Women’s Day!!!!

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 and Women’s History Month (which is the whole of March), I wanted to give a shout out and shine some glorious sun light on 20 of the many amazing black women doing great things in the UK.

The women on this list have greatly inspired me and their work has positively impacted their community, so if you don’t already know them, please take a moment to check them out.

This list is in a completely random order and there’s so much to be said about each of these wonder-filled sisters, I’ve just shared a few words on each plus links for your connect with them and find out what they do

The list is obviously not exhaustive, so if you have suggestions on women to add to future lists please comment below



20 Inspirational UK Black Women 2020


Khembe Clarke is not only a consultant and advisor on Diversity and Inclusion for large corporations and in the community, she’s also the founder and creator of Return To Your Root Festival, the biggest natural hair and health event in the west midlands in it’s 7th year, a loctician and natural hair specialist for the past 20yrs and the co owner of the Ujima Hair and Health Salon in Erdington, Birmingham. She inspires me with how genuinely supportive, business minded and progressive she is in her work in the community her and abroad – You can find her IG here


Dee Bailey – If there is an event that supports a disenfranchised group anywhere in or around the Luton area, this sister is probably behind it or massively supporting it. She’s created or supported everything from business networking events for women, the first ever black book show in Luton, hosted the International mens and women’s days, Kwanzaa events, film screenings and more. Oh and she’s also a radio host who promotes other community heros, activists and organisations. She inspires me with her consistency effort in creating opportunities for the community around her to grow – You can find her on Facebook


Charmaine Simpson – Co founder of Black History Studies events company (which runs the hugely popular Black Market & Film Festival, which has been held twice a year for 9yrs to date, plus Egypt tours, European black history tours, British Museum tours, film screenings and much more with her husband Mark), a financial educator, teacher, historian, dedicated community activist, wife and mother of 3, Charmaine has tirelessly supported community events, organisations and individuals and truly lives the motto of her company, educating the community to educate themselves – She inspires me with her commitment to the community and passion from empowering black people financially -check out the Black History Studies Website & Charmaine’s IG


Kym Oliver is one half of Tripple Cripples, a groundbreaking platform for and by disabled people of colour, whether your disability is visible or not. She went from sharing occasional videos on her IG page on her journey with MS and being in a wheelchair, to being on TedX speaking on Empowerment for disabled black women, as well as other events and panel discussions. She inspires me with her articulate. almost poetic at times, open, brutally honest but informative message of hope, progress and possibility – You cna find her Ted talk with her partner from Tripple Cripples here


Shirvina Marie – For the past 7yrs, this sister has delivered high quality, sold out events, including the Jollof Festival in London and arguable the biggest natural hair and wellness event in the UK Curly Treats Fest (attracting over 5000 visitors). She also runs a successful design and marketing business and speaks on hair and business in the community too. She inspires me with how incredibly successful she is, the quality and care put into her events and how she’s raising the bar with the quality of events in the black community. Shirvina’s IG



Venetia David is the co Director of the longest standing most sought after spiritual events company in the UK called Alternatives and my big sister :-). Venetia’s helped organise, promote and facilitate talks, workshops & retreats with spiritual masters and thought leaders like Mooji, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckworth, Russell Brand, Paul Mckenna, Julia Cameron and more, in London, Greece, Monserrat and more and most recently hosted Eckhart Tolle in the Royal Albert Hall.  After being a dedicated volunteer for 18mths while working a day job, she was offered a job, then promoted twice in 3 years to become one of the directors. She inspires me with her incredible work ethic, for being exceptionally hard working, with particularly high standards for her speakers and guests and is possible one of the funniest people I know,  You can find her on IG here


Kam Davis is the founder of Nylah Naturals hair care range, who’s slogan is Hair, Heritage and Science. I’ve learnt so much about how to care from my natural hair from her over the past year, including the truth behind many hair myths and fables. Her range on hair care products are definitely some of the best I’ve ever used and her IG page is literally like an online hairducation course. She inspires me because I know how much care and thought she puts into her products, which she named after her daughter and she also finds time to run a social enterprise to support young girls. Check out her website here and her IG page here


Jamelia is a talented & highly successful English singer & songwriter with a string of top 10 hits, TV presenter, homeschooling mum of 3 and creator of Jamelia’s Table, a YouTube series where she interviews expert panels from the black community on to[ics from politics to natural hair care. She inspires me with how beautifully and boldly black she’s willing to be in mainstream media, her success in music and how genuinely lovely she is – Check out her table talks here and her IG page


Cheryl Phoenix Henry is a powerhouse in the field of school exclusions, parent advocacy and supporting black children in the community. She’s the leading authority in the school to prison pipeline for black boys and holds conferences across the UK, un apologetically called The Black Child Agenda, where parents and families can come and learn how they can support their children’s education from taking legal actions against schools to home educating. She inspires me with how unapologetic she is about fighting for black children, she is amazing and her work is literally saving lives – Her IG page


Vee Roberts of insight 2 Marketing, started her business with £100 after being made redundant and has gone on to become a multi award winning business owner and marketing and branding consultation, all while raising 4 children. She works with businesses here and abroad including annual conferences in Antigua – She inspires me with her consistency and relentless drive to encourage and motivate business owners – Check out her website and IG page


Super Vegan Alex – This sister started part of her journey in 2014, when she’d wake up at 5am, go market to buy produce, come home and spend hours juicing and bottling it, then put them in a cooler on wheels to sell on foot around Birmingham. Now she runs a successful vegan restaurant (Earths Kitchen) with 4 staff and great reviews, as well as a business selling crystals, bath kits and affirmation hoodies. She inspires me because she’s a young black women, who’s entered a competitive market, in a business that takes a lot of work, but her passion, skills and love for what she’s doing is creating great success while helping more people discover vegan cusinine.  Check her out on instagram


Lexy Byer is a fellow home educating mama, advocate for home education and passionate speaker on the topic, who’s also the founder and manages, one of the best home education whatsapp support groups for home educating people of colour in the London area. She’s also a self employed loctician and mother of 6 based in London. She inspires me with how supportive she is to home educating parents starting their journey, giving black children the freedom to learn at home and black parents the confidence to teach them –   Lexy’s IG



Debbie Field Pellew – I met this sister when she used to come to events carrying a black baby doll in a beautiful african print sling to promote her handmade baby clothes and accessories business, I think I loved her from then 🙂 Since then I’ve discovered she also a home educating mother of 3, parenting advisor and coach, radio DJ, tattoo artist, magazine editor and in training to become a birth doula – She inspires me with her creativity, her straightforward approach to matters of race, gender and education and commitment to supporting the black family – Check out her  Website & IG page


Merissa Hylton worked as a textile designer for 12yrs before deciding to leave her job to become a full time mixed media artist. She’s created 3 colouring books, a range of jewellery, a natural haircare range, she’s a mother of 2 boys, founder of the Black British Visual Artists group, is a private art tutor and an advocate of art as a form of creative therapy for mental health and personal wellbeing. She also went on a stunning weight loss journey (which include completing Tough Mudder) which she shared on social media. She inspires me because despite being born with half a hand (you heard that right), she’s never let that stop her from pursuing anything – You can find her on IG


Dr Valentina Alexander is the founder of one of the only black owned black books, gifts, health and toy shops in Birmingham, now located in the Legacy Centre (144 Potters Lane, B6 4UU). She’s also a university lecturer and passionate about ensuring the black community have access to a wide range of products that reflect them. She inspires me with her dedication to her business and the positive impact it has for the community – Check her out on her website


Nicole Pinkney is the founder of the black business network Fresh Connections, with social media pages, physical meet ups and dedicated WhatsApp groups for London, The Midlands and Manchester, so business owners in those areas can connect with each other. Now there are a lot of business networking groups around, but honestly most just descend into a mis-mash of people posting about their political views, dance battle videos and cute cats. Her’s is the only group I’ve been in that’s so well moderated, that all the posts are on business, networking and growth. iShe inspires me with how dedicated she is to supporting, motivating and inspiring black business owners nationwide, summed up by a motto she posts regularly, that we should “Life as we climb” – You can find her on Facebook and IG


Merlee Harris has been in the natural health and wellness industry for over 30yrs and opened her own detox and retreat centre called Beechcroft Retreats in 2000. She’s and author, speaker, health coach and has supported hundreds of people through deep supported cleanses, detoxes and fasts, who come in with anything from fatigue to stage 4 cancers. She inspires me because she owns possibly the only black owned natural health and wellness retreat centre in the UK and she’s given decades of her life to support the community with natural health – You can find her website here



Paula Locs Lift is a mother of 2, social worker and GPC GB 90kg Masters 1 powerlifter. She describes herself as a proud black women  who likes fighting with gravity to lift heavy metal items. She inspires me because even though I’ve know her for years, seeing her amazing health journey, which started with sharing healthy plates of food, to her lifting really big weights and competing, as a black women with locs, has been so inspirational. You can find her on IG here



Peaches- Sherelle Cadogan is one of those sisters, like many on this page, that does so much noteworthy stuff it’s hard to keep up 🙂 So among other things, she’s the co-founder and co-director of Woman Academy for girls, works with other support and development groups for girls and young people, she’s a hosts, entertainer, she’s worked in TV and radio and recently took part in a body positive photo campaign. She inspires me with her eternal positive energy, motivating words of encouragement and passion for supporting young people in creative ways. You can keep up with her on her Facebook page here



Selena Carty is the founder of Black Poppy Rose, an organisation who created a black poppy to remember black people who fought in world wars who are often forgotten. She’s also a cultural and ancestral consultant and afro-centric genealogist. She inspires me with her determination to ensure our ancestors are recognised, remembered and honoured in a very white washed space. Since 2010, her work has spread across the globe and is impacting more lives each year. Check our her website here



Again, I know this list isn’t exhaustive and if you have suggestions please feel free to comment below

Much love and have a wonderful international Women’s Day 2020

Take Care & Stay Healthy



P.S. Remember to order your discounted pre order copy of my new book “Health Happiness & Harmony – A guided holistic health journal for women’s” from my store here Today!!!

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  1. Dominique

    Love this list, I’m glad to see so many familiar faces and learn of new black women who are inspirational.

  2. Khembe

    I absolutely love this online shout of women that inspire….not because I’m in, lol! I just love the fact that you have taken time out to big up so many sdeserving women who contribute so much to our community.

    One Love

  3. Peaches

    Absolutely Love You Sis. Your whole being. Keep shining, we empower and Thank you for your continue support.

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