Is B12 Deficiency In Vegans A Myth? #NYR28

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Naturally You Radio Podcast Episode 27 

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With so many sisters and brothers adopting the vegan (plant based) life style recently and with Veganuary starting in a few week (find out more here), BBC news published an article on B12 deficiency risk in Vegans. But many people feel this is just a myth and that extra B12 isn’t needed when you become vegan.

In today’s podcast I review the article, speaking more about B12 deficiency and why some people feel its a myth.

Some sources of Vitamin B12 for vegans are: 

Homemade Sauerkraut

Supplements like this 

Sprays like this 

(I’m not an affiliate of the above mentioned products and they aren’t ones I’ve tested, but a good start)


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Take care and stay healthy


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About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, live blood analyst and life coach, focused on womb & pregnancy health and premature birth prevention & on a mission to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony by 2020 or what she calls Becoming Naturally You. She does this through her clinic, books, programs, coaching, events, workshops, videos, articles and a free weekly ezine.

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