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Introducing My New Book – Becoming Naturally You

I’m so happy and excited to announce that my very first book “The Ultimate You” has been completely updated and revised and is now called

Becoming Naturally You

And it’s being launched on Sat 2nd May 2015 online and at the Natural November Event in London!!!

This book was first released back in 2009 a few years into my career, when I wanted to help those looking for healthy eating and living advice and tips in a simple steps by step way.

Starting a natural healthy lifestyle can be quite overwhelming, so I wanted to break it down into weekly manageable steps, focusing on your mind, environment, food and body, with plans and checklists to make the journey effective and enjoyable.

Since writing the book over 6 years ago, my experience and knowledge of natural health and living a healthy lifestyle has grown, along with my realisation that it’s VITALLY important to create a life that nourished and fulfils you on EVERY level, or what I call Becoming Naturally You.

So I’ve adapted and revised the book, added over 8000 words, 50 pages, journalling pages, checklists, diagrams and plans to make it even easier for you to create a life that’s Naturally You in just 39 weeks.

So it’s with pleasure that i introduce to you

Becoming Naturally You

39 Simple steps to naturally transform your mind, diet & body.

Out Sat 2nd May 2015!!!

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The book will be available to buy online from Sat 2nd May 2015 from my online store and Ill be at 8th bi-annual Natural November event at Platanos Colllege, Clapham Road, Stockwell, London SW9 0Al – visit to find out more.


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Thanks to my amazing husband Jeremy Salmon of for the book cover design and for everyone who purchased the first version of this book or any of my work, you all continue to inspired the work I do, helping give advice and tips to create a healthy lifestyle you love

Take care & stay healthy

Leah Salmon

The Naturally You Coach


About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a best selling author of 6 books, editor of The Naturally You Magazine, a whole foods and personal development coach, raw food workshop teacher and homeschooling mother of 5. Leah helps people boost their energy, beat their cravings, stabilise their weight, reverse symptoms of disease using personalised dieting planning with whole foods and her signature 7 step Naturally You Coaching program. Join her FREE mailing list in the yellow box on the right of the page to get a Free Top Ten Health Boosting Recipes Book

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