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“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”

Periods, pregnancy and menopause are all heavily dependant on our hormones, which are chemical messages sent round our body in our blood stream, going directly to the organs they effect. When our hormones become imbalanced and we develop nutrient deficiencies & make poor lifestyle choices, it can fill these natural events with negative symptoms and side effects.

One thing which is impacted when we aren’t in the best of health during our periods, pregnancy and menopause is our beautiful crowns of hair.

With everything else that goes on during these times, our hair can often get neglected until it’s too late, but there are some simple, natural and holistic things you can do to protect your hair and scalp through all 3 times so you can get the best from them.

So if you want to:

  • Know how to adapt your hair care during your menstrual cycle
  • Avoid or reduce hair loss during or after pregnancy
  • Protect your hair as you go through the menopause
  • Replenish & rejuvenate your hair health due to damage from these times
  • & more


Then join me for a live online talk called:

How Periods, Pregnancy & Menopause Effect Our Afro Hair?




During this live webinar, I’ll be sharing: 

  • How the different parts of our menstrual cycle effects our hair
  • How our hair is impacted during and after pregnancy
  • The changes we may experience with our hair as we go through the menopause
  • Practical tips and advice for how we can adapt our hair care during these times
  • Diet, supplement, product & handling recommendations for each event
  • & much more

This talk comes with a handout you’ll be sent prior to the call, you’ll receive a recording of the session 48hrs after the event and the call will be held on a password protected Zoom meeting.


You can download Zoom here and here’s a guide to setting it up – Set Up Guide


Event Details 

Date Tues 17th Nov 2020

Time 8:00 – 10:00pm



Webinar Access DetailsThe link and password will be emailed to you 24hrs before the call time and the recording will be added to the courses page in your account within 48hrs – if you don’t know how to access your course page, details will be sent to you


Any questions? Please email leah(@)thenaturallyyoucoach.com




Testimonies from previous online classes I’ve taught: 

“Hi Leah, Thank you for an amazing webinar last week. It was very informative and motivating as I want to improve my diet and widen my appetite” S McPherson


“You run an impeccable service which is down to your vast knowledge and professionalism which is second to none. Thank you so much!  I appreciate you and all that you do.” P. Green


“I would like to thank you for the 9 Steps To A Healthy Plant Based Diet event. The information was very practical and really made me think about not only what I eat, but also how I eat. I liked your holistic approach to the event. You covered the nutritional, physical, mental and practical aspects to transitioning as well as the myths regarding a plant based diet. All this together with your lighthearted, non judgemental style of presentation. I really enjoyed this event and would recommend it.” S Brown


“Liked having a handout, a good resource for the future and I felt included, more than I have before, it was very special for me.  Thank for the opportunity of a replay to watch again. much blessings sisters”


“Intelligent and eloquent leader.  I appreciated her warmth and well thought out subject matter, would like to see more of Ms Salmon in future events.”


“Brilliant session this morning. Really enjoyed it. Look forward to future events. ”




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