Relieve heavy, long, painful periods, reduce fibroids, Endo & menopause symptoms, boost your fertility & get your life back with this 3 months holistic womb wellness program.


The steps we’ll go through during this 3 month (12 week) program include:

Week 1 & 2 – Discovery sessionsWe’ll review your initial consultation form and set some goals to create a solid foundation for the program

Weeks 3 – 5 – Eat For HealthDuring these 3 weeks, we’ll focus on using personalised diet planning & healthy eating, to create a delicious, easy to follow meal plan that nourishes and fuels your natural healing. We’ll also incorporate natural remedies to enhance the effects of the food and help your womb health challenges.

Week 6 – 8 – Think For HappinessNow we’ll look at how your thoughts are effecting your actions and womb health (the 2 are directly related), how to make them both positive & productive, to create mental and emotional wellness using proven tools.

Week 9 – 11 – Live In Harmony – The first thing we’ll go into is a 21 day detox to help your body cleanse and reset internally. We’ll also determine which other tools and practice will benefit you specifically and how to incorporate them into your life, from fitness & massage to vaginal steaming, yoni eggs and more.

Week 12 – Progression PlanningNow we’ll evaluate and recap your progress and create a plan you can use to ensure you continue the progress you’ve made long term.

This program includes:

  • A free signed copy of my book 30 Days To Better Periods & Womb Health
  • PDF plans, checklist, cheat sheets, recipes & tools needed
  • 10% off anything in The Naturally You Health Store during the program
  • 1 x Live Blood Analysis sessions at the beginning or at the end of the program in the Birmingham clinic or Womb Health supplement Starter set (worth approx £50) posted to you (for those unable to come to Birmingham)

The program will be carried out over 12 weekly phone calls & follow up emails (apart from the Live Blood Analysis which will be in my Birmingham clinic) and come with unlimited email and text/WhatsApp support, so you have a complete blanket of support throughout.


Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients from the program 

“Hi Leah,

Thank you for working with me. I continue to feel and see the benefits of the ‘Naturally You’ programme a few weeks on. During my time with you I was able to regulate healthy eating with the green and purple menu. The supplements recommended (Agnus Catus) helped reduce and  some months eliminate any PMS symptoms before and during my period. After having had a diagnosis of breast cancer and radiotherapy and struggling with ideas of how to preserve my fertility, your programme gave me hope. I found your clear, non-judgemental comments helpful. You were kind.

At the end of the programme I have gained confidence regarding maintaining my physical and emotional health even when things seemed out of control. The positive affirmations have also been spiritually nutritious to help me build up my soul with goodness to take on everyday challenges. I now feel I can fight off all the negative influences that bombard my mind and chip away at my self-confidence and self-esteem as a woman. Your programme gave me back that positive stance spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychologically.  Everyday, I take on the responsibility to take care of myself in the best way possible.

With love






Full Pay (Best Value) – £799 (save £98)

Instalment Plan – £299 x 3 monthly instalments


To get started, email me at with “I’m ready womb wellness program” in the subject line and I’ll be in touch asap

Or click here to book a free 15 min call to discuss which is the right program for you, 


Have you downloaded your free 3 part Womb Wellness Gift Set yet?!? – Click here download your copy now



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