Greetings Beauty-filled people!!!!

***Have you heard of vision boards & want to create one?

***Have you heard of the power of affirmations and want to experience them?

***Do you have BIG goals you want to achieve but you just need a plan to achieve them?

***Are you ready to start living a life that fills your heart with joy, happiness and magic?

***Are you looking for a good vision board workshop in London?


Come and join me and a small intimate but powerful circle of sisters, as we create


Hearth Centred Vision Boards, Affirmations & Goals

Date: Saturday 22nd April

Time: 12-4pm

Venue: The Education Room, Willesden Green Library, 95 High Rd, Willesden, London NW10 2SF

Admission: £39



What’s it all about? The aim of this workshop or creation space, is to guide women through the process of creating a vision board, affirmations and goals that are heart centred and soul focused, in an intimate, warm, safe space.

This will be done in a 5 hour workshop, facilitated by me, Leah Salmon The Naturally You Day and my team, where they’ll be free herbal tea and fruit all day.

During the day, you’ll: 

  • Discover the purpose of heart centred affirmations
  • Create your own set off powerful affirmations
  • Discover the power of heart centred goals
  • Create your own set of goals
  • Discover the magic of a well made vision board
  • Create your very own vision board by the end of the day
  • Create a daily ritual you can use to make use of all 3 tools


vision board



All the materials you need will be provided for you to make your very own vision board. This will include card, magazines, decorations, glue, sticky tape, scissors, colouring pens and more. We’ll also have a laptop and printer should you want to download and print off images online.

By then end of the day, you’ll have produced a set of 9 goals, 9 affirmations, a vision board and a daily ritual to combined all 3.


vision board


The last “Heart & Soul Centred Affirmations, Goal Setting & Rituals” workshop I did as part of ‘The Gathering” with Alternatives was a very well received by the 25 ladies who attended, so I’m really looking forward to sharing it again.


Why should I do this workshop?

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Plan a life that brings your joy
  • Take consistent powerful action on things that are important to you
  • Becoming unstuck and create positive movement in your life
  • Achieve goals you’ve been putting off or haven’t found time for
  • Become crystal clear about who you are now and who want to become
  • be surrounded by like minded sisters who all want to create a better life for themselves


If this sounds good to you, I’d love to see you there, book your tickets now!!!


If you have ay questions about the day before you book, please feel free to contact me here or at leah(at)