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Fresh Fruit Birthday Cake

Hi lovelies!!!

July and August are busy months for us in the Salmon house with 3 children’t birthday’s and normally one joint party for them all.

Ive seen so many amazing cakes just made of fruit over the years and have made a very basic one in the past, but this year I decided to get a little more fancy and this is what I came up with!!!



There are much fanciers ones around but this is one you can whip up quite easily and if our party was anything to go by, it’s be well received by your birthday person and guests too (ours lasted about 5mins on the table, I didn’t even get a grape!!!)


For this cake/fruit display I used:

* A small water melon peeled, cut in half and each half was turn upside down to make the 2 red domes at the back

* Then I broke kebab skewkers in half, 5 put alternating red and green grapes on them and stuck them into the watermelon domes (next time I’ll arrange these a bit better

* Then I got 2 gaila melons, cut them into baskets (video demo coming soon) and filled them with strawberries

* Next I peeled and sliced some navel oranges and kiwis, sliced them and layered them at the bottom of the tray

* And finally I scattered fresh strawberries around the whole tray


The whole display took about 1o minutes to make ( I know this because some of our guests were leaving in 15 mins and I wanted to finish it in time for them to join in the happy birthday song!!!)

Yes we’re all used to sponge and buttercream and icing sugar and fondant and marzipan on a birthday cake, but when your babies don’t eat sugar, wheat, dairy and most of the things that are turning our beautiful children into obese, low energy (or hyperactive), low concentration, unhealthy kids, this is a delicious, healthful, decorate alternative that you can make using their favourite fruits for everyone to enjoy.

If you make one, please share the link to it in the comments or tag me in the picture on facebook or twitter


Take care and stay healthy


The Naturally You Coach

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