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Can Your Food Heal You? NYR #1

“Hi and welcome Episode one of The Naturally You Radio, I am your host Leah Salmon, the naturally you coach and today we are going to be talking about one of my favourite subjects which is food. And more specifically, can your food heal you. Now first. why ask the question, why do we even to be healed by our food.”



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0:01 Welcome To Naturally You Radio, with your host Leah Salmon The Naturally You Coach who is the bestselling author of six books, mother of seven, natural health, well-being coach and speaker who wants to help you create a life that nourishes and fulfils you on all levels with advice on naturally healthy living, home schooling, family, relationships, personal and professional development.

And here is your host!!!

0:28 Hi and welcome Episode one of The Naturally You Radio, I am your host Leah Salmon, the naturally you coach and today we are going to be talking about one of my favourite subjects which is food. And more specifically, can your food heal you. Now first. why ask the question, why do we even to be healed by our food. Why does that even to be a consideration? The reason is, we are sicker now than ever before. With all the modern technology we’ve got, with all the mega hospitals, with all the pharmaceutical drugs, with all the technology and the innovations, we are sicker than ever before.


Obesity levels are through the roof, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental and emotional imbalances, things like ADHD in our children, depression in our children much less our adults, anxiety, stress from every angle. We have structural problems in our body, TMJ, backaches and pains, siatica, sexual and reproductive health problems. Like erectile dysfunction, infertility with virtually unheard of a hundred or so years ago. Pre-menstrual tension, pre-menstrual syndrome, fibroids and more. So yes we need help. But isn’t that what the medical industry is there for? Isn’t that what we pay our taxes for? Isn’t that what we pay our insurance for? For the medical industry to create these weird and wonderful drugs to help all of these things?


2:03 Now in my opinion, orthodox medicine is perfect for emergency and emergency medicine, pre-mature birth which I’ve experienced twice.

The orthodox medicine community was perfect in handling that to a large degree. Car accidents, poisoning, stroke, heart attacks, broken bones, emergency operations and emergency medicine.

That is where orthodox medicine and these big super hospitals do their best work in my opinion. A&E, the emergency room is an amazing place, it saves lives. Even things like antibiotics used appropriately are absolutely life savers. However, past that and dealing with some of the issues I just mentioned like things like obesity and cancer, and heart disease and diabetes and ADHD and depression and all of these things are plaguing our population, and they are not even race specific.

Some of them are wide sweeping our whole population is what we then tend to depend on, big pharmaceutical companies to help for us. Big pharma, all the drugs and the pills and the portions that are out there and are available to us have got a lot of negative side effects. One they create a dependency, they create a sense. And they have created the sense that our bodies don’t know how to heal themselves.

We need medical intervention to go through processes that we have always gone through. Big pharma and hospitals and medical interventions have literally made us so dependent on them that some of us would not dream of doing certain things without almost the permission and the accompaniment of them.

4:14 So vaccinations for example, your body has an immune system A child’s body has an immune system, that once fuelled correctly, and once the child is put in an environment, that they are not constantly being exposed to certain things, is perfectly capable of doing what it does best; which is creating immune responses to protect itself, protect the body from things that come its way. Vaccinations have not always being around but we have survived for countless generations without them.


Childbirth and pregnancy is something that is very dear to my heart because I have a lot of children, and I’ve been pregnant several times obviously. And when you talk about home births to people, people see you as being irresponsible, even with vaccinations


5:14 . People see you as being irresponsible and not caring about your child. If you even think about not having medical professionals present with an array of medical equipment, if this happens we got this drug, if that happens we’ve got that drug.
5:34 If you say no to all of that and  say that you want to have your child the way that our ancestors have been having children for thousands of years, keeping our population going perfectly well before any of the midwifery and the obstetrics techniques were even available to us, you are seen as being very, very different.


And like I said almost irresponsible for just allowing your body to do what it does naturally. Obviously there are again situations and occurrences where we need the medical operations and medicine where those services that they offer are invaluable. But if you are pregnant with no major problems going on, you don’t have high blood pressure, you don’t have gestational diabetes. You don’t have any structural problems, you are in good health, there is no reason why you need the high levels of medical intervention that are sometimes forced on you as a mother.
6:45 People will now go to the doctors and go to the GP’s when they got things like a cold. There was even a sign up in the GP surgery when I went to go and get one of the antenatal checks that I had to get when I was pregnant, which I went to, but grudgingly half of the time. But they said, please don’t come to the hospital, please don’t come and book yourself in for an appointment if you have a hangover.


7:11 – People are that dependent on doctors that even when they have a hangover, they will want to go to see a doctor and get the doctor to help them out. How about you don’t drink so much, how about you not get so drunk that you feel so terrible that you go see the doctors. People go there for colds and the flue, yes the flue can be very dangerous if it is not managed correctly and if you are of a certain demographic.


However the flu viruses and cold and those types of things can be managed in a lot of cases without needing high levels of medical intervention. The side effects of a lot of the pharmaceutical drugs that we are being given that we are almost depending on, when it comes to supposedly keeping us healthy have got side effects which are worst than the actual problems that we are taking them for.


So if we look at the side effects, the possible side effects on a box of cough mixture even for children and cold medicine and throat medicine and PMS pain medication, and steroids and hay fever tablets. Some of the side effects are worst than the symptoms that we are taking them for. And they are long lasting side effects as well.


8:40 And some of those side effects are so bad that you then need to take other medications just to manage the side effects of the medications that you are taking to get rid of something that you could be managing and that you could resolve and reverse in a completely natural way without starting this cascading snowball effect of having to take this drug to get rid of the side effects of that drug which is causing other side effects that you then need to take more medications for.


There is a brilliant picture of a t-shirt, and on the back of it, it’s just full of text saying, okay, I’m taking this drug to get the rid of the side effect; to get rid of this condition, but then I need to take these other three drugs to get rid of the side effects of this one drug, and then the second drug gives you these side effects, so I need to take all of these. Because I can’t be bothered, and it’s a whole list of them. Because I can’t be bothered or because it’s too much work to change my diet and exercise more.


9:40 And the names of these chemicals and the drugs that we are taking in, the vast majority of us don’t know what these chemicals are really doing and then the combinations, the chemical cocktails that our bodies are being subjected to when we take this drug to get rid of the symptoms of this when we could have handled them naturally.


In many cases, it’s guess work, medical professionals are guessing and they are looking anecdotally to see whether there are side effects of combining all of these medications. It’s not always a definite that these two medications taken together are not going to cause side effects, but if they do, all that is going to happen is that they are just going to give you another chemical medication to get rid of those side effects. It’s not sustainable, it’s a great business model, and it’s a great fair base business model. The sicker we are, the more the pharmaceutical companies make.


10:46 And even when we are better, so there are people who for example, who may have started off going to the doctors for anxiety or stress, and they are given high levels of these SSI’s, these medications that supposedly help balance out your brain chemistry and stop you having stressful or anxiety filled episodes. And sometimes even suicidal thoughts.


Once those drugs have taken hold and they’ve given you some form of temporary relief, instead of fully taking you off those medications, pharmaceutical companies and drug doctors will very often times just keep you on what they call a maintenance dose of these things for a long period of time.


I know elders who for the last ten, twenty years of their lives been on high blood pressure medication, cholesterol lowering medication. And there is no end in sight to them ever coming off. So they are a regular customers to these pharmaceutical companies who are not considering giving people an alternative to taking these medicines. it’s just, just take the medicine. That’s the best way to do it.


12:07 Doctors come to you now, I remember hearing a great podcast on the underground wellness radio show with Shawn Crockson, I can’t remember the name of the author. He was talking about the fact that 50 years ago, if you wanted to see the GP, you would have to go to the GP.


You would recognize the problem within yourself, you would recognize you had certain symptoms, and you would take yourself to the GP. Now the GP comes to you at least three times a year, whether you are a new-born baby or you are a 78 year old individual. The GP comes to you, you would get letters through the post saying, it’s time for this check-up, it’s winter you need to come and get a flu drop. Have you had these vaccinations yet?


Women we get every few years asking us for…12:55 . Men would get letters asking for prostate, asking if they want to come and get their prostate tested. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of; it has become a useful and revealing occurrence that, getting yourself tested on a regular basis for certain things can uncover symptoms or conditions that you may not have noticed until they get to a bigger degree. But that’s not the case for every single thing that you are contacted by your doctor for.


13:30 So in the black male community in the UK, prostate cancer is a big deal. So there are big pushes for people to go and get their prostates checked out. However what the consideration is, is once you do and get your prostate checked out, and they find that you maybe do have some kind of imbalance in your prostate, it’s then a case of okay, what are you going to do to rebalance or heal or get your prostate back in a good condition.


The vast majority of the time it’s going to come down to medication or an operation. If you are going to go to the orthodox medical community, which is why I say to people that when they complain about going to the doctors, and the doctors recommend this drug or that drug and that procedure, and that operation. Why are you going to the in the first place because that is what they are trained to do. They are trained to operate on you or drug you.


The amount of advice like nutritional advice or lifestyle management advice, that they are trained to give you is minimal. That’s not their forte, so if you don’t want to be offered a handful of drugs. If you want to approach your health conditions in a more natural way, certainly go and get the tests if you feel that necessary. But then it’s the way that you manage the results that you are given, that’s where your power lies. And you don’t have to rely on them telling you that, that’s what you have to do because there are other ways.
14:56 There is a great balance that can be formed between the orthodox medical industry and the natural health world. And using the information that they can sometimes give you through the test. Because just because you go there for a test and they give you the result, that doesn’t mean that, that is the result. That’s the result that their tests were able to give you because a lot of results come back inconclusive. So you may have gone there because you’ve actually got symptoms, so you are taking yourself there, not them asking you to come for a check up and then they discover something. And then they try to give you drugs for it.


That’s the other thing, sometimes they will discover things that are not, it’s an imbalance that can be handled in a very mild way but they will offer you drugs turning you into a customer. Oh you know, your blood pressure is slightly high, or your cholesterol is slightly this, or your blood sugar is slightly that. Why don’t we get you in some medication now before it gets too late. That doesn’t necessarily need to be the problem. That doesn’t need to be the only solution. But often times when we start a process with a doctor, we feel we need to continue the process with the doctor.


16:15 So the balance can be formed between the medical industry and the natural health world by them using the services that they offer to find out information about wwhat is going on with your body. If you feel that there is something going on in your body, that natural health practitioner may not be able to identify in you and then using natural methods to help yourself to deal with that situation.


Because bear in mind, as far as the natural health community, as far as the orthodox medical community is concerned, we put a lot of faith in them and in their power and their ability to hep us. But it is been proven that they don’t have an absolute knowledge and an absolute power to help us with our health. We start the war on cancer, we poured millions into chemotherapy.


Now more people than ever have cancer. They started the war on obesity, there are more obese people on the planet now than there ever have been. The same with cholesterol and high blood pressure. We eat less of these evil saturated fats that they told everyone that they are so bad which are actually the healthy fats that our ancestors ate for thousands of years without developing any heart problems.


17:30 So we are talking about coconut oil and palm oil. Coconut oil is only just now being given the recognition that it deserves. Because even though it’s saturated fat that people use tell us to stay clear of, now everybody is raving about the benefits of coconut oil including the fact that it’s a saturated fat which for one thing the saturated fat is good for is cooking with. Whereas the so called, there was a lot of publicity about the fact that we should cooking more with vegetable oils.


It’s actually the saturated fat oils like the coconut oil and the palm oil, that because of their saturation makes them more stable when they are heated at high temperatures. Which is why you will find a lot of people in the natural health world will recommend if you are cooking with oil, then cook with coconut and palm oil. If you want to add oil to your food afterwards, that’s when you can use something like an extra virgin olive oil because it doesn’t withstand heat as well as coconut oil and palm oil.


18:32 So we’ve been told to eat less of these saturated fats because they are so bad for us and they are causing heart disease and all these types of things. So a lot of people switched to the fat free diet, but heart disease and cholesterol levels and diabetes still went through the roof.


So was tat advice even sound, coming from this so called superior orthodox medical community that was giving us this advice. And the more commercial chemical oils that they have been pushing to us, and all these fat free products and all these things that they’ve been pushing to us because they say that they are healthier than the way that we were living naturally, none of them have improved our health.


This is one of the reasons why it’s really important to consider using natural methods and our foods as a way to heal us. Because that we’ve always done, whether it was making a soup or creating a broth or picking herbs and making a tea, or a combination or` a potis or a cream. We’ve always gone back to nature to help heal us when we haven’t been well. And that’s never done us any drastic damage.


19:50 But in the last hundred years, we’ve seen, there is enough evidence for us to see that we cannot just rely on orthodox medicine; orthodox medical community alone. They’ve had their chance to show us that they are the ones for us to go to, and it hasn’t happened. One of my sayings, I’m going back to a point I just mentioned. One of the things that I’ve got is that, modern interventions applied to ancient wisdom creates vibrant health.


So we need to use the wisdom of our ancestors and the abundance of healing that’s found in nature. But we can use these things with modern inventions like blenders, and juices and dehydrators and capsule makers etc to create better health and reverse this downward spiral that our whole population is suffering from. Why food and not supplements and therapies.


I know a lot of people who think that, okay I’m a nutritionist and that was my first training as a nutritionist. And I do have a very big passion about food. And the reason why I put foods over supplements and therapies is because we eat food every day. We don’t have to have a massage every day, we don’t have to have reflexology every day. We are not always going to have the chance to have hydro colonics every single day. But we are going to do without fail every single day is eat food. We need to eat food to survive. We don’t need to take supplements and have therapies. And take all the other complimentary therapies; the very powerful complimentary therapies by the way. But we don’t have to do these things everyday for our survival. It’s something that we put in our bodies everyday so it is very powerful.


21:46 So my thinking always was, if I’m going to have the greatest effects on people’s health, if I’m going to be able to help people improve their health most quickly and most powerfully, one of the best things I can do is help them make the food choices that they have to make every day as healthy and powerful as possible. Then complimentary too getting their food on track. Then they can start adding natural supplements and therapies that complement the foods that they are eating every single day.


That’s why I got into nutrition in the first place. It is so super powerful. Food is not just something you shove in one end of your body and then you poop out the other. It has a lot of impacts as it’s going through your whole system. And the impact that it can have is that it can either vitalize and rejuvenate your body and heal you and cleanse you. Or it can slowly poisoning you as it’s going through. That’s what I’ve come to realize.
22:43 So when people start working with me, and I know people are expecting me to give them a list as long as supplements and super foods and constant trips to health food shops and ordering these wild and exotic things from online. I start with people’s food, and that’s the most important thing.


Let’s just get your food and your hydration right, then we can add everything else afterwards. And just doing those two things in my experience has helped people to reverse the diseases and the conditions that they’ve had’ that they come to me with more than them resorting to just supplements and therapies. Because another consideration is, what some people will do is that they will start taking expensive supplements, they’ll start taking these therapies, which again like I said are very powerful.


However they won’t change their food or their hydration, which means that they end up in a situation where the supplements that they are taking are going into a junk food filled body. The therapies that they are getting administered to them are having to work on a junk food filled dehydrated body. And even sometimes the people that are selling the supplements and very, very often, more often than not these days, many complimentary therapists are adding nutrition to their skill set because they even realize that I could be massaging this person, giving him reflexology.


I could be dealing with colon therapy, I can do the a candling on them, I can do the raky. But if they are continuing to eat a very, very poor energy draining diet, and they are hardly drinking any water, all the work that I’m doing is not going to be as effective as if they spent some time on their nutrition.


24:19 Another massive benefit of using your food as your medicine is that it’s easy and cheap. It’s easy, cheap medicine. And if you appreciate and you accept the fact that it can be used as a medicine and you treat it like a medicine.  The same way you are told by your doctor, take these antibiotic three times a day for seven days, and make sure you don’t stop. When people are prescribed a diet by a natural health coach, people don’t take it as seriously because they don’t see it as being as powerful as medicine.


So if someone tells them, okay, you have to make sure that you have this juice or this smoothie, or these foods, or avoid these certain foods every day for 21 days, if you don’t take it seriously and treat it with the same respect that you would treat taking medication, you are not going to get the results that were told you are going to get. So you have to accept that it is as powerful as it is. And if you want proof on how powerful it is, there is stacks of anecdotal evidence. There are documentaries, I’m going to name some for you in a little while, but there is so much evidence that is mounting as to the power that food has.


25:37 Food can help you, just some very general examples, the proteins in the whole foods, whole natural nutrients dense food that we eat, help to build and repair your body. Our foods give us energy, it’s a fuel. It energizes us, the fats in the carbohydrates that we have given our body the fuel that it needs to do what it does best; which is to build and repair and grow itself. So when we are in a state of disease we need to proteins and fats in the natural healthy food to build and repair what’s going on. And we also need to give our body the energy and the nutrients that it needs to do that work.


Our body is protected from illnesses and viruses by fuelling our immune system again with the natural essential fatty acid and the proteins in our food. Our food can even improve our moods. Mangoes for example have got nutrients in them that are proven to help improve our moods unless you are one of those really strange people that do not like mangoes. However there are some people that don’t eat mangoes, but if you do like mangoes one of the great things about them, apart from their amazing taste is that they do help you to improve your mood.


27:08 If your body is not getting enough essential fatty acids then it can have an effect on your brain chemistry, making it difficult for you to concentrate, literally affecting your mood. So we need to make sure that we are getting in enough essential fatty acids. Our food can cleanse us.


Just the fibre and the water in whole natural uncooked raw rich foods help to cleanse our body and gets rid of the junk that causes the diseases in the first place. The key is to add more what heals your body as far as food is concerned and remove foods and practices that harm your body. So if you want to start on the process and start feeling the benefits of using your foods to improve your health, then start adding more of what heals you which is nutrient dense whole foods.


And remove the foods and practices that are going to harm you. So the foods that are going to harm you are obviously the very high processed, high in sugar, high in the rubbish trans fat. The three nasties I call them; MSG and trans fats. Remove all of those foods and the practices, like smoking, drinking alcohol, living a life of stress. And if you know where the stress comes from, remove that stress from your life. Being around negative energy all the time.


28:34 And again if you know where the negative energy around you is coming form that maybe draining you, then remove yourself from it. Do as much as you can to remove yourself from it. So you add more of the things that heal you, you remove the foods and practices that are harming you, and you compliment these things like natural remedies, and health giving practices.

So natural remedies like adding herbs, natural oils, natural supplements, and then the practices that help to boost and improve your health. Like adding exercise and movement to your life is so incredibly important. Cleansing techniques, simple things like skin brushing or air candle treatments as well as the most commonly known liver and kidney cleanses and hydro colonics and enemas, and those types of things.

The cleanses I would seriously recommend that you have a good amount of time working with your foods, and your hydration before you do those big cleanses. But they are things that help with your health, doing just those things is a perfect recipe for vibrant health. And it will help us get out of this downward spiral of health that leads us to the question, how can we improve our health? And that’s what this podcast is about, that’s what this message is about, to reassure you and to empower you to consider using your food as the key to healing your body.

If you start doing this now, you will be able to see the results and then we will be able to create the next generation; the future that doesn’t have to suffer the way that we have. So we can teach our children this and get them doing it now early. So that we are not creating a negative situation in our children now that they then have to break the way that we are having to break the negative situation that we are in now. And you can do that by simply be an example to your children. If you have a health challenge that you want to  balance out and solve naturally, then there are some simple ways that you can use your food to do that.


30:46 The first one is to know it’s possible, so like I said there is movies and documentaries that you can watch almost for days that give you so many examples of how people have used their foods to improve their health. One of the documentaries is called simply raw, reversing diabetes in 30 days.


That’s one of my favourite documentaries. There another one called foods my herbs, fat sick and nearly dead. That’s got one and two parts to it. Forks over knives. There hundreds of them Those alone plus hundreds of anecdotal evidence that says that it possible. And you need to accept that it is possible, like I said you have to embrace the possibility of it being possible. In the same way, you believe, and I use that word very specifically. The same way that we believe that when we are giving medications by the doctors, it’s going to have an effect, you need to have that same trust in the healing power of nature.


31:50 The next thing that you need to do is set clear, health goal, preferably with the time frame of what it is that you want to achieve and see yourself having achieved it by that time. If you need to go ahead and watch the secret that documentary thing, that movie. Or read some stuff on laws of attraction, or vision boarding, or whatever it is that you need to do. If that’s not something that you are used to do, visualizing your goals and seeing yourself achieving them, the get into the practice of starting to do that.


Because if you set yourself a goal and then you see yourself struggling to achieve it, or you set the goal thinking, I’m not going to achieve this goal anyway because its just too hard. I’m just going to go through the motions, you’ve already set yourself up for a fall. So when you set your goal, have a clear time frame in mind of when you want to achieve it.


32:44  So if you want to lose 50 pounds, please don’t make your goal seven days’ time. Make it something that you now is going to be achievable for you. Not necessarily realistic but a time frame that’s going to be a stretch, but that you feel comfortable that you can do this. You really need to go into this with a very positive mind-set. Because as we know everything is connected, so the way you are thinking about, the process is going to select on how you are going to physically play out the situation as well. So set clear health goal of something that you want to achieve and see yourself achieving it.
33:23 The next thing that you need to do is to do some research into your health challenge, and decide which way of eating our foods and natural remedies is going to help you the most. So for simple challenges, it might be, you may have constipation. So you may need to drink more water, getting some exercise, get some essential fatty acids into your diet, some friendly bacteria and increasing amount of raw food. That may be what you need to do. But if you have researched your condition and it’s a more long term complex health challenge, it’s going to be better for you to find a natural health coach and work with them.


So you don’t have to put pieces of it together entirely on your own. And even for some of the simpler health challenges that you may have, it still may be a good idea to work with a health professional.


34:13 Because if you do have constipation for example and you do increase your water or you find out that you need to increase you water, get some exercise, get some essential fatty acid, have more friendly bacteria in your diet and raw foods. Those things will help to reverse the constipation.


And that is something you can do on your own, however, it’s always advisable to find out what cause the constipation in the first place, so you are not just getting rid of the constipation, which is the symptom. You are actually dealing with what it is that cause constipation in the first place.


So definitely, I do encourage you to take steps to resolve any health challenge that you’ve got. But working with a health coach or a natural  health professional will also help you go one level deeper. So that if the constipation comes back, you are not just in a cycle of okay, treating it, almost like you would treat it with medication.


35:09 So the symptom pops up, you take some medication to get rid of it, and it’s gone. Then it pops up again in three months, you take some more medication and then it’s gone. So if you found out what the cause of the constipation, then you could adapt what it is that you are doing to address the cause of the constipation oppose to just the system which is constipation.


With as much focus and positive energy as you can muster, once you’ve done all of these things, you get started and you go for it. You can read books, you can watch videos, documentaries, you can read motivational quotes. You can do on or offline course, or whatever you need to do to keep motivated, and informed, and positive during the process. But know that nature can help you to reverse the sicknesses that we are all going through.


There is no need for us to suffer with so many of the things that we are suffering with. Because there are so much of an abundance of nature there that can help us. Our health and the health of our children, and literally our race, depends on us changing some of the habits of a lifetime. And saying no to living with shabby health care and ineffective medicines. And we need to take back control of our lives and our health and using our food is the simplest way that we can do that, and it’s the simplest way that we can help to restore our health.


36:38 So we literally need to get back to enjoying the abundant levels of health that our ancestors enjoyed before all the so called modern conveniences and the food technologies, and the innovations supposedly that made our lives easier. Our ancestors never had to worry significantly about things like depression or PMS or ADHD or gluten sensitivity, leaky gut syndrome, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, injecting themselves with insulin, having anti-rejection medication because they’ve had transplants, organ transplants, having mechanical hearts or pig’s hearts to replace their own hearts, after just 50 or 60 years of life.


We can get back to that too by simply harnessing the power of nature. That’s all we need, that’s one of the biggest things we need to do. It’s not obviously the only thing we need to do, but that’s such a big thing that we can do. Just trusting in nature and harnessing the power that it possesses.


I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this podcast, please be sure to share it with your friends and you can find me at the where you can download a free recipe book.


You can find me on Facebook under Leah Salmon, or the naturallyyoucoach and at the naturalyoucoach on Twitter and instagram. Again, trust in the power of nature.


38:07 We can use our foods to heal ourselves. Have a great day take care and stay healthy.


Any questions or comments, please post them below

I hope you enjoyed the show and see you in episode 2!!!


Take care and stay healthy


The Naturally You Coach

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