Special Offer On Full Pay & Instalments Until 31st Jan 2020


Are you a high-risk mama who’s pregnant? Have you had previous premature births and want to prevent it happening again? Are you concerned about getting pregnant again because of traumatic birth experiences? You can have a healthy pregnancy & birth, I’m here to help

As a mother who went from 2 premature births (30 weeks & 23 weeks) to having 5 full term homebirths, I’ve been on both ends of the scale. I know if can feel like once you’ve had one challenging birth, or you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that will make your birth challenging, if can feel scary. But using healthy eating, thinking and living, you can support & nourish your body, to increase your chances of having a complication free pregnancy. Support programs can last anywhere from 4-24 weeks with weekly calls and all include:


Eating For Health High risk mamas very often have nutritional deficiencies, digestive challenges and even immune challenges, on top of whatever is making them high risk. So it’s very important to focus on nourishing your body to support you and the growth of your baby safely, using delicious personalised diet planning for the entire pregnancy,


Thinking For Happiness When you’ve been labelled high risk or you’ve had previous traumatic birth experiences, it’s easy to simply focus on the possibilities of things going wrong. It’s therefore important to intentionally keep you focused on the most positive outcomes and also look at where the mental and emotional issues are stemming from, so they can be understood and released.


Living In Harmony Once the important work of eating and thinking are covered, we can now focus on adding safe and energising breathing, movement, sleep, relaxation, massage and more to your pregnancy to keep in as complication free as possible.

This program includes:

  • A free signed copy of any of my books
  • PDF plans, checklist, cheat sheets, recipes & tools needed
  • 10% off anything in The Naturally You Health Store during the program
  • 2 x Holistic Nutrition & Live Blood Analysis Taster Session (see page 9) at the beginning & end of the program (Included in the Birmingham clinic, discounted to £40 each in the London Clinic)


The program will be carried out over 2-24 weekly phone calls & follow up emails (apart from the Live Blood Analysis sessions, which will be in my Birmingham or London clinic) and come with unlimited email and text/WhatsApp support, so you have a complete blanket of support throughout.



4 x Weekly Support Calls                    £199 – Discounted to £169 until 31st Jan 2020

12 x Weekly Support Calls                  £499 (save £98) or 3 x £175 monthly instalments – Discounted to £349 or 3 x £155 instalments until 31st Jan 2020

24 x Weekly Support Calls                  £949 (save £245) or 6 x £169 monthly instalments – Discounted to £899 or 6 x £145 instalments until 31st Jan 2020


To get started, email me at leah@gracious-lalande.149-255-58-69.plesk.page with “I’m ready holistic pregnancy program” in the subject line and I’ll be in touch asap.


Or click here to book a free 15 min call to discuss which is the right program for you, 


If you’re not already pregnant and want to improve your womb health naturally before conception, download your free 3 part Womb Wellness Gift Set here



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