How to boost your immunity naturally (Video)

Greetings family!!!

Immunity, and keeping it well functioning is a hot topic now as we are in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

In today’s video, i’ll be explaining exactly what it means to boost your immune system naturally.

I’ll be covering 4 main points with practical advice you can take straight away to stay protected, internally and externally at this time.  (more…)

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Interview With Candice Bryan From Noire Wellness On Fibroids Talk


On Sunday 25th Nov, I’ll be joining Noire Wellness and 8 other female experts, to bring awareness and share specific tools, advice and knowledge of the topic of Fibroids. After 30mins of technical difficulties (which included me singing, dancing, putting on accents and tellin off Facebook several times), Noire Wellness founder Candice Bryan and I jumped on Facebook live for a chat about the event, what I’d be sharing on the day and my mission.

Again, if you don’t to sit through my 30 min ordeal, jump to 29mins to see the interview


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Sistas tears should be a pitstop not a parking space

Greetings lovelies!!!

I’m friends with so many brave and beautiful sister’s who have been sharing the stories of their mental health challenges over the past few weeks.

We’re in a great and powerful time where we can use platforms like social media to freely share our experiences, so others don’t feel so alone and they can see examples of people who’ve been in a low place and risen.

Today I wanted to share some advice that can help shift our perception of healing from mental health and life challenges.

I’m talking about crying and why I feel it have a necessary role in our life, but also when to know when more help is needed.

Watch now and enjoy!


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Event Update While Being Tormented By A Cat, Fly & My Children

Greetings family


It’s been a while since I check in and there’s been so much going on, so I recorded a quick video, updating you on all the awesome stuff happening, but the video took a little longer than expected as I go tormented by our local neighbourhood cat, a fly and my children.


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Q&A & Review Sunday #1

Greetings Lovelies!

To help you to Become Naturally You, we have a new schedule of content we’ll be bringing to you every week. It looks like this:

Monday – Eat For Health Day

Wednesday – Think For Happiness Day

Friday – Live In Harmony Day

Sunday – Q&A & Review Day

So if you check out my social media or blog on those days, that’s the kind of info we’ll be sharing with you! So below, you can find the Facebook Live Q&A & Review Sunday video to enjoy!


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Vision Boards- Who’s Controlling Your Life?

In just 17 days I’ll be holding my first ever Vision Boards, Affirmations & Goal Setting Workshop on Sat 22nd April and I’m so excited!!!!!!

But for all those who aren’t sure what vision boards are, why they’re important and how to make them, here’s a video explaining all to you.


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Finding Mummy Me Time In A Busy Home #NYR13


I know that most mothers think it’s just an urban legend or a myth made up by crazy people, but even in a very busy home, there are ways to find mummy me time so you can recharge, replenish and reinvigorate yourself as a hard working mummy,

Let me show you are few ways to do it in Naturally You Radio Episode 13


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