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Can Black Mothers Save Our Streets?

It’s taken me longer than I care to mention to talk on this subject with black mothers.

It’s close to my heart and has made me feel hopeful and heartbroken in equal measure.

But the feeling of hopefulness is where this message comes from, as ‘m confident that where there’s a will there’s a way and we will get through this stronger.

The subject is the killings and murders of our young people in London, England and worldwide. But more specifically, it’s how we as black mothers can help save our young people on the streets.

Here’s a video with my thoughts on the matter


So the question is: Can Black Mothers Save Our Streets?



Thanks for watching, please like and share if you think more people, especially black mothers, should see this and please comment below with your thoughts.

Am I crazy?

Am I missing the point?

Do you completely disagree?

Do you agree and want to work together to find a solution?

Please comment below with your thoughts


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Thanks for listening

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  1. Delia Muhammad

    Greetings Sis Leah.

    Hope all is well with family. Thank you for your short video clip on supporting Black Mothers. What were you thinking of? There certainly is a gap between the elders and the young. And that is because of the way society is moving so fast with information. This era is now for them. What we as adult/parents see as OUR foundation, it is not theirs. They are faster and quicker in thought.

    As a midwife, retired doula, birth educator and counsellor to women and families.
    There is an area that needs to be focussed on and that is PUBERTY. As parents we HAVE to share the impact this has. I could go on. Happy to contribute in any way I can. I hope the mothers call to you. Stay blessed?

  2. Ntathu Allen

    Powerful message and I feel your passion. Yes…empowering the mothers to connect with ourselves is a step in the right direction. Multiple layers to the solution…takes a village to raise a child. Where are our villages and who is nurturing them. Keep focusing on your vision and purpose.

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