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5 Tips To Create Awesome New Year’s Resolutions

Goal setting, affirmations and vision boards are things I like to create and update all throughout the year, not just New Years Resolution.

But I also now that many of us are going to make New Years Resolution, so here are some tips to make them awesome, so that they are easy to stick to long term.


5 Tips To Make Awesome New Years Resolutions 

If It’s Food Related…

Make it delicious, simple & convenient. If you want to give up something, find a replacement that you enjoy just as much so you don’t feel deprived. Prepare meals in advance and keep healthy foods with you to make the change simple and convenient.


If It’s Fitness Related

Make it varied, so that you’re not too restricted to one style or venue. So if your plans or life changes you can still fit it in. So resolving to workout 3 times a week either at the gym, doing a class, having a session with a fitness instructor or doing an at home workout, gives you a variety of options for it to happen, just in case the routine you started with becomes boring or ineffective at some point.


If It’s Money Related…

The financial world is changing and many of us never really learnt how to manage our money in the first place.  So now may be a good time to resolve to learn more about money, rather than simply to spend less and save or earn more. 


If It’s Love & Relationship Related…

Before resolving to attract love or a new relationship into your life, ask yourself How good is the relationship I have with myself? 
Resolve to spend time loving, understanding & caring for yourself first, so the love of another is a bonus not a necessity, which will keep your standards high. 


Is It All About You?!?

Having resolutions that are outside yourself and help others can improve your self confidence, sense of achievement and connect you with a higher purpose, all of which can help you gain the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in your own goals.


Any other tips?!? 

Please share them in the comment below


I hope you enjoyed the article and all the best with you New Year Resolutions.


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Take care and stay healthy


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