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5 Health Benefits Of Journalling #NYR29

Greetings Lovelies!!!

Naturally You Radio Podcast Episode 29 

Greetings family and welcome to another episode of Naturally You Radio

I’m so in awe of journalling right now!!! I’ve always known that it was a brilliant tool, but since publishing “Health Happiness & Harmony – A guided journal to holistic health for women“, i’ve been learning even more about journalling and it’s truly awesome.

Most of us can probably guess that it’s good for stress management, but in today’s podcast, I’m sharing 5 specific health benefits that you can also gain from consistent;y journalling, that you may not have known (some may even be quite surprising). Click the player about to listen and enjoy!!!


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Please comment below with your thoughts on journalling, I’d love to hear from you!!!


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Much love, Take care and stay healthy

Take care and stay healthy


The Naturally You Coach

About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, live blood analyst and life coach, focused on womb & pregnancy health and premature birth prevention & on a mission to help 100,000 black women to eat for health, think for happiness and live in harmony by 2020 or what she calls Becoming Naturally You. She does this through her clinic, books, programs, coaching, events, workshops, videos, articles and a free weekly ezine.

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