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37 Things About Me Birthday Special

Guess what?!? It’s my 37th birthday! So today, I wanted to share with you 37 Things About Me You May Not Know.

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37 Things About Me You May Not Know

  1. I don’t feel 37, I feel 24 and have done for years, it’s all very confusing
  2. I never thought I’d have children, but I used to joke that I was going to have 6
  3. To get extra money when I was young, I used to take food out the fridge and hide it in my wardrobe, then tell my dad we needed money to buy more.
  4. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 10yrs old but I didn’t know what they did
  5. I wanted to own a night club in secondary school, it sounded like a very cool job
  6. I was on the A team for hockey, netball and rounders in secondary school & loved sport, but hated football
  7. I’m not a fan of animals now, but in primary school, I looked after our school pets during the holidays, including a pet hamster who chewed through the cardboard box house I made him and the lobster that I named Shabba
  8. I’m cool with most bugs and say hi to spiders
  9. I can’t ride a bike
  10. I had locs for 2yrs and I’ve grown and cut my hair 4 times
  11. I was a fashion designer and made clothes for a year
  12. I love to crochet
  13. I used to make my own aromatherapy skincare products
  14. If I had to completely change profession, I’d become a comedienne or a paramedic if the children were older.
  15. I’ve never been to the Caribbean even though both my parents are from there
  16. I’ve been to Egypt and went inside the smallest pyramid
  17. When I went to Italy in my 20’s, I used all my money to buy a gorgeous pair of shoes even though it meant I had no money for foods for 1 ½ days until I got back home
  18. I love comedy
  19. Our first son was born on my birthday 7th Nov and passed on exactly 8mths later on 7th July
  20. Marcus Garvey is buried in the same cemetery as our son
  21. I’ve moved house 6 times in 15yrs
  22. Joan Collins, Sting’s daughter and Richard Branson’s daughter all went to my secondary school
  23. I was really quiet as a child and hardly spoke in public settings until I was 16yrs old and became a Nuwaupian student teacher
  24. My spiritual names means ‘Mother of the fire of Ra”
  25. I got my first grey hair this year
  26. We got rid of our TV when we realised we watched 2 channels – News 24 (depressing) & Cbeebies
  27. I won first prize in the recycled fashion show in secondary school, after spending weeks on my costume and my friends
  28. I opened a recruitment agency with a lady I worked with which lasted 2yrs
  29. I wanted to do a nursing degree
  30. I worked as an A grade nurse (Health Care Assistant) and found it very rewarding
  31. I was 17yrs old the first time I got on a plane
  32. I love earrings more than any other type of clothing
  33. My favourite foods are mango, watermelon, plantain & okra stew, my gluten free vegan lasagne, a meal of dahl, baby plum tomatos and red rice, my spelt veggie pizza, chocolate, baked Salmon and boiled eggs, but I haven’t had the last 2 in 6 months since we went vegan
  34. I’ll have to give back my vegan card as I’m back on fish broth
  35. I’m on the 2nd day of the first liquid fast I’ve been able to do in over 5 years
  36. In September, I trained and became qualified in Live & Dry Blood Analysis & Microscopy, which was a 6 year long dream and personal ambition come true
  37. I watched the Matrix trilogy 3 times and still don’t quite get it


Hope you enjoyed these 37 things about me, please add your favourite number from the list in the comments below!!!



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Take care and stay healthy


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