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3 Natural Ways To Improve Bad Behaviour In Children

Bad behaviour in children is very often nothing to do with bad parenting, spoilt children, neglect or the child just simply being ‘bad breed’. Normally, bad behaviour in children is a result of 3 thing being out of balance. So before you or anyone else labels your child ‘bad’, check out the video.

The 3 things that need to be address when your children exhibits bad behaviour are

1. Nutrition – Are they getting enough nutrients, too many stimulants, not enough water and more.


2. Sleep – ADHD, hyperactivity, poor academic performance and achievement and more have all be attributed to lack of adequate sleep, so is your child definitely getting enough?


3. Attention – If your children don’t get the right type of attention (love and support from their parents, family and loved ones) they are likely to get too much of the wrong type of attention (getting in trouble with teachers, other children and even the law).

Check out the video below where I go into more detail on all the above.


Click below to watch 3 Natural Ways To Improve Bad Behaviour In Children now


If you have any other suggestions to explain and naturally address bad behaviour in children, please comment below.


Take care and stay healthy


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About the Author: Leah Salmon, The Naturally You Coach, is a best selling author of 6 books, editor of The Naturally You Magazine, founder of Amun University, a whole foods and personal development coach, raw food workshop teacher and homeschooling mother of 6. Leah helps culturally focused mothers of colour create a nourished and fulfilled life, using personalised dieting planning with whole foods and her signature 7 step Naturally You Coaching program and MA.M.A circle.  Join her FREE mailing list in the yellow box on the right of the page to get a Free Top Ten Health Boosting Recipes Book

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  1. Delia Muhammad

    Love this subject! Whilst listening to your video I was thinking about the ‘terrible two’s’ label given to two year olds. Being two is not terrible. And by using this label we don’t realise we are implanting OUR VIEW of hate, imperfection, impatience and intolerance into a child who’s brain is a blackboard. So we are writing on this innocent mind that from the age of two there are things in the adult world that will not be tolerated.

    When really, from the age of 2 a child is now on the road of independence and discovery of his/her environment. They do not understand that others are there. They are in THEIR WORLD OF DISCOVERY. Us entering means interruptions, delays, ‘what are you doing here?’ Being a mother of two adults and being there for the hundreds I have seen come into this world. That world of two is really intriguing.

  2. Marigold Katsande

    I totally agree with you sis.Those three crucial areas need addressing ifwe are to help our children.

    Please keep up the great work!

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